Who We Are

More than just an investor -
an agile partner and collaborator.

Well respected in the general health care, senior housing and financial sectors, Investment 360 injects capital—and a variety of resources that provide buying power, tactical advantage and cost efficiencies—into leading businesses throughout the United States. We boost efficiency, reduce waste, and empower growth.

The firm is known for its pioneering work in transforming small to medium size businesses into profitable industry leaders, helping them build their reputations and positioning them for sustained growth.

  • We Identify Growth Opportunities
  • We deliver cost efficiencies
  • We Empower Management
  • We create value
  • We Transform Operations
  • We move fast
  • We Improve Processes

The INV360 approach

  • Search for Opportunities

    where the business model provides a strong platform for growth.

  • Partner with Management

    who share our vision and can execute on it—or and bring in strong management and additional management personnel when necessary.

  • Invest our Own Capital

    for maximum speed and flexibility in customizing the deal structure to the opportunity.

A flexible approach,
an agile organization.

Investment 360 invests in a wide variety of transaction structures:

Key to our success is the ability to customize each deal structure based on the specific business, tax and legal considerations of the investment. This allows us to capitalize on private-equity opportunity regardless of the industry sector or type of transaction. Investment 360 also has substantial capital commitments and longstanding connection in the industries in which we specialize - enabling us to act quickly and decisively when we see the right investment opportunity.

  • Asset and stock purchases
  • Earn-out payments
  • Other equity-like investments
  • Mergers
  • Equity rollover contributions
  • Growth capital
  • Recapitalizations
  • Debt-to-equity conversions
  • Joint Ventures