An investment approach that’s thorough and methodical - yet flexible.

Understanding that every investment opportunity is unique, Investment 360 invests a great deal of time and effort into researching and vetting industries and sectors that are of interest to us - and identifying the teams we believe have the best chance for long-term success. As we unearth great opportunities, we quickly move into action. Our industry positioning and use of our own capital enables us to make swift decisions and act on them quickly.

We identify and acquire businesses with a strong platform for growth - where the management shares our vision.

Key to our success is the ability to customize each deal structure based on the specific business, tax and legal considerations of the investment. This allows us to capitalize on private-equity opportunity regardless of the industry sector or type of transaction. Investment 360 also has substantial capital commitments and longstanding banking relationships in the industries in which we specialize - enabling us to act quickly and decisively when we see the right investment opportunity.

Expand business through acquisitions, mergers and value add-ons.

We look at opportunities to expand on the business and grow its geographic footprint through acquisitions and mergers. Following the acquisition or merger, we help the various management teams to successfully leverage their combined resources and talent—to improve the efficiency and synergy.

Provide expertise and resources to support management teams to grow organically.

Whether it involves adding the right people to the team, investing in technology, building new facilities or breaking into new markets, we custom tailor a plan for each company to become the leader in its respective industry segment. Because of our experience and network of relationships within each of the sectors we specialize in, we can provide companies with access to proprietary diligence sources and introduce them to new business opportunities.

We aren’t managers looking to run the organizations we invest in. Instead, we provide support where it’s needed and serve as a sounding board for managers as they grow the business. We remain integrally involved, however, working closely on the key value drivers—from strategic planning and capital allocation to financial structure and management realignments.

The Right Key Ingredients for Success.

Our extensive internal resources, deep expertise and proven ability to identify hidden growth opportunities and overcome barriers to entry—combined with our longstanding relationships with CPAs, attorneys, banks and consultants—have proved to be powerful assets over time.

Regardless of how we structure the investment and the relationship with the organization we invest in, our keen insights and management savvy help improve processes, streamline operations and maximize efficiencies. For Investment 360, the goal is always long-term growth and profitability.